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InRoll Radio started in 2008 with the best Rock & Roll, Progressive Art/Rock, Classic Rock, Brazilian Mix Music, Fusion JazzRock, Psychedelic, Hard Rock and other great hits of the late 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and recent songs. The radio is eclectic, but definitely follows a trend of Rock. If you have a request or want to make a comment, please feel free to send us an e-mail. Listen to and enjoy! No registration is required to listen to InRoll Radio and you can use any audio player you want. InRoll Radio InRoll provém de Rock & Roll e foi ícone de uma galera privilegiada nas décadas de 80 e 90. É a nossa história contada através da música!


Where it all began the site was created with the aim of becoming a communication and dissemination platform. We reached Our current presentation quality due to the excellent management and administration by our team of professionals.

MARCH 2010

Radio growth and restyling of the logo as a result of the work of our team, the platform has made great progress. In this way, as a way of externalizing to the user, we restyled our logo.


3rd place in the world in live 365. An achievement not only for management but also for our target audience. Great recognition of all development for 1 year.


New logo restyling. A new stage. With success and development over the years, change is synonymous with news. For Remain with its quality status and meet the demand of users, we marked this year with the restyling of the logo to start a new stage.



Rock, a highly successful musical genre, emerged and developed in the United States during after the 1950s. Its roots are in rock and roll and in rockabilly. Rock has suffered influences from diverse musical genres, such as blues, country music, folk, jazz, and even music classic. Its rhythm is given by the electric guitar, using a strong backbeat established by battery. With simple lyrics and strong rhythm, more than quickly fell in the popular taste. Rock, with its strong rhythm, striking beats and simple lyrics brings its legion of fans to desire to dance, relax and have fun. Hard to resist!.


Instrumental music is distinguished by being produced only by musical instruments. Until the early sixteenth century, voices overlapped in importance to the instruments. However, during this same century, musicians began writing songs for instrumental groups only. They stand out among the instruments most used for this musical genre, the piano, the violin and the saxophone. Instrumental music is a composition of inarticulate sounds that in harmony soothe and reveal in themselves the essence of singing and the deepest feeling of who composes them. To relax, love, think, nothing better than the sound of your favorite instrument! Come on in!.

Progressive Rock

Progressive rock is distinguished by not questioning the system and dedicating itself to music alone. Without concepts and prejudices, a musical genre to listen without having to think. Remarkable melody, for moments when you just want to hear ....

Hard Rock

With its high and aggressive rhythms, guitar solos, irreverence and questioning, Hard Rock is fascinating. As they say, loving or hating, no one is unaware of a Hard Rock band or song.


Psychedelic Rock

Psychedelic Rock is a genre that tries to replicate altered minds, hallucinations, shapes and colors, incorporating in electronic music effects, extended solos, improvisation and exotic instruments. For a trip to new ideas, to times when you want to be out of the world, nothing with a Psychedelic song.

Jazz Fusion

From a fusion of Jazz, Rock and the rhythms of Black Music, the genre Jazz Fusion is born. Mixing the forms of Jazz with the electric instruments of Rock, there arises a musical genre made by experiments and mixtures. For those who like everything a little, and want to dine with background music, there is an excellent option, whether you are Jazz lover or not.

Classic Rock

Classic rock, famous rock'n'roll, with its many years of fame and glory, enchants and evolves to all in moments of celebration, joy, lost loves and finds. In the ballad at night and at the party by the pool. Animation, euphoria, disconnected lyrics or not, we all have a rock that marked a certain moment of our life, that rocked that or that day, that reminds you something, that takes you to past lives and pushes you into the future. Impossible not to love good rock'n'roll!.

Brazilian Song

Brazilian Music, with its diversity of rhythms and instruments, as well as charming lyrics, and rich soil, enchants the world. To dance, sing, sleep, laugh, cry or love ... Brazilian music fits and reveals itself in many themes and feelings. Listen once and fall in love!